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Weekly Lesson Plan 4th Grade Social Studies

Wadsworth Magnet School for High Achievers

2018-2019 School Year

Teacher: Ms. Brooks


Ms. Brooks

                             4th Grade Social Studies                                         September 17-21, 2018

Lesson plan

SS4H2 Analyze the challenges faced by the framers of the Constitution.

a. Identify the major leaders of the Constitutional Convention (James Madison, George

Washington, and Benjamin Franklin).

b. Evaluate the major issues debated at the Constitutional Convention: the weaknesses of the

Articles of Confederation, the rights of states to govern themselves (federal system), the

Great Compromise, and slavery (Three-Fifths Compromise).

Essential Questions:

How did the beliefs and ideals of the individuals, groups, and institutions impact the writing of the Constitution?

Who were James Madison, George Washington, and Benjamin Franklin?

What was the first constitution of the United States?

Why did the Articles of Confederation fail?



Work Period




Ticket in the door: None to save time.

DeKalb County Post-Benchmark

Review benchmark



Ticket in the Door: What was the purpose of the Articles on Confederation?

 Students will participate in an Articles of Confederation cut & paste activity.

Students will design a tombstone for the Articles of Confederation. It must have a name, a date (1777-1787), 3 Causes of "Death", and a 3 Sentence Explanation on how the Articles of Confederation will be remembered. (Be Creative)

Example: Draw it on a tombstone)

Articles of Confederation


Causes of Death: Weak National Government, High National Debt, No Court System

Art was a nice attempt at a government, he was always there when they people needed him and left when thy were sick of him (great social skills!). Art will be remembered for his weak policies and his easy going demeanor. Art will be missed by few, mostly those who are into the Anarchy thing.

Finish tombstone


Ticket in the door:

What does compromise mean?

Students will participate in an interactive ppt on The Constitution Convention

Students will take notes: Cloze notes

Students will watch a video on the Great Compromise.


 Finish Tombstone


Ticket in the door:  How many delegates where at the Constitutional Convention?

Worksheet on The Constitutional Convention.

Students will draw a cartoon to describe the delegates attending the convention. Students will also include speech bubble to discuss the reasoning for the convention.

Finish tombstone


Ticket in the door: What state did not attend the Constitutional Convention?


Students will participate in an interactive game called Where You there?

To help their understanding of who was invited to the Constitution Convention.

Students will continue their notes on the Great Compromise. Cloze Notes

Students complete the Great Compromise worksheet.

Enjoy your weekend!


Ticket in the door:

 1) Pro-Slavery: The favoring or support of slavery.  

2) Anti-Slavery: Against slavery.

Students will participate in an interactive ppt on the three-fifth compromise. Cloze Notes

Students will watch video on three-fifth compromise


Students will participate in worksheets pertaining to the three-fifth compromise.

Three-fifth compromise worksheets.

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